The new SfN’s Optogenetics Training Series is now available online!

Hey everyone,

Please check out the new SfN’s Optogenetics Training Series !

In Module 8, Stephan, Karel Svoboda and Dave Kupferschmidt discuss some major confounds, caveats, and limitations of optogenetics approaches.

Each module has an associated discussion thread in the Neuronline community where series participants (SfN members) can post and answer questions, share resources or protocols, and network. We encourage you to periodically engage in these discussions at your convenience.

Mark your calendars for these live events associated with the training series:

  • Virtual conference on September 20, 2018Next Generation Optogenetics: Tools and Applications.
  • Live Neuronline Community Chat on August 16, 2018 from 1-2 pm EDT – Module 7 faculty (Shana Augustin, Chris Chen, Julia Lemos, and Scott Owen) will be available for 1 hour to answer questions about technical considerations of optogenetics experiments.
  • Submit questions until August 30 for Module 8 faculty (Stephan Lammel, David Kupferschmidt, and Karel Svoboda) to answer in a pre-recorded virtual panel discussion that will be added to Module 8 in early September.